Friday, January 18, 2019

Of Problems, Plotting and Projects // Something New


So I'm pretty sure I said in my last post that I was going to be posting last Saturday? Well, school happened, then I watched Star Trek, then it snowed the next day. And you can see how everything went downhill from there. 

I probably would've gotten back to posting sooner, though it just seemed more logical to post on schedule once again. Not to mention it's been a busy week. 

Because I got my license. And thanks to having a license, I also joined the realm of teenagers who have a phone. Huzzah to procrastination!

On top of that, I've made a major writing decision recently, which will be the main subject of this post, the why and how and have-you-lost-your-mind and all that brouhaha. 

I decided to pause writing Ethereal


Before you inform me that I must persevere with the Lucid Trilogy, I will say that I agree with you. Lucid, a beloved WIP of mine which has yet to be edited, is one of my favorite works yet. I have no intentions of stopping work on the Trilogy. I could never dream of leaving Ash or Caleb behind. They're too fragile (especially Caleb *feelz*)

Ethereal is Lucid's sequel. I had plenty of ideas for scenes. And I'm going to run the risk of sounding rather evil-writer here, but the scenes were just a little ... too peaceful. It resembled nothing of Lucid.  There were just a few other things I didn't want to drag myself through anymore. So here's why I'm pausing this book.

> Issues with Plotting

About three-fourths of the way into Lucid, I bought Scrivener. I knew already that Lucid would be a trilogy, but I had to decide what happened during Ethereal. The only thing I knew was the climax, which mainly consisted of a battle scene and a strange world made of up navy blue trees. 

For the first time, I tried plotting on Scrivener. It went well, except I'm terrible at guessing how long chapters actually end up based on a description. Story pacing is mostly fine ... until it gets split up like that. And thanks to the scenes being split ... I wasn't able to see how ... 

slowly ...

the plot. was. moving.


Needless to say, Ethereal's plot became a strange heap of attempts at romance and a lump of secrets. I'm not sure what that means either, but suffice it to say that I wasn't necessarily looking forward to anything whatsoever.

Not to mention, my characters are given very few outlets for their combat skillz. Whatever those are. *cough* Swords? Caleb didn't have his. Darts? Ash couldn't have his.

I'm sorry, but when a plot has no scenes except dialogue for 25000 words straight, you begin to want an explosion or few.

> I Have other Ideas

Me @ my lovely plot bunnies but still holding on to Ethereal for dear life: 


> Dragging - In more ways than one

Once I actually started writing Ethereal, I started to notice the pacing. For a bit there, I decided not to keep track of my writing progress (I'm back to that tho just because it's fun). I took rest nights from writing. That was fine. But when I did write, it was harsh, grueling work. 

But at the same time I was afraid that if I paused Ethereal, I would never get back to it. Except this was different from the other books. The other times it was just a scene or two politely saying no and needing a few red pens. 

This book was not being polite. 

25000 thousand words and I finished Act 1. I realized something ... I didn't want to tell myself this ...

I couldn't stand writing Ethereal yet I so wanted to keep going. Why kind of paradox do we writers live?

^^^ Aladdin's face says it all.

Until one night, I realized how ridiculous I was being. Another 60k of this? Sitting, trying to write something with my burnt-out creativity? Writing was becoming the craft I did not enjoy.

I'm going to say something profound. 

> Writing is a hobby <

For me, yes. I haven't even gone to college. I don't need to make money. If I publish something before I go to college then what a wonderful bonus. But writing is a hobby. 

Writing is not supposed to suck the life out of us. Hobbies are fun. Writing is a hobby. Therefore writing should be fun. 

Now don't get me wrong. I despise writer's block, and there are a good many days that writing makes me just wanna ....

Just want to not.

I think we as writers have to persevere as long as we possibly can. There are low tide seasons that want to drag us through the sand, and yes we should stick with it and finish.

But be nice to yourself too.

Still, after 25000 words and over a month of writing leaving me burnt-out, something had to change. It was me or the story, and I'm sorry but Scrivener doesn't make it very easy to change the plot even the tiniest bit. So I decided to walk away.


^^^ Yes, that's how I walked away.

I felt strangely free for having paused Ethereal. Ah yes. I am going back. Not yet, because the plot bunnies demand immediate attention and Lucid already exists. But I need a break before going back to fix it. 

> So we come to the Secret Project

I can't wait for this one. I mainly call it a secret project since I don't have enough of it planned to let you know what's it like yet, but I have a premise. 

And a main character. 

I can describe him like this (he's WallE): 

Gfycat // Tumblr
And a bit like this: 

And I'll also say that I'm not being the nicest writer at the moment. And a few more tidbits as to what this is about:

> Space // Billionaires // Claustrophobia // Lawn Mowers // Photography <

Once I begin writing it, I'll give you the title, mock cover, music and everything else. But I have nothing else to give you as of just yet. 

So here's your mid-January update on the writing world. I'll be back next week with a wrap-up, then February'll be here, along with all the post ideas I have for it (perhaps including the project reveal ?)

I just realized how this post entirely validates the villainous nature of plot bunnies. Huh.

Have a great week, my friends! Be nice to the writer in you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Snapper is One // Traditional Q&A Post // Part Two

Welcome back to that part of the blogosphere which is probably somewhere beyond earth's atmosphere but still inside of the solar system. It's been orbiting the blogosphere for a bit more than a year now, 'specially important for gif transmissions.

Over the course of the year, the small satellite once known as the Silver Phoenix has been dubbed 'Snapper' after the indigenous species of Dragon Snappers. Its sole inhabitant, Danielle, frequents the blogosphere. 

Watch out for Fridays. And wow it decided to show up on a Tuesday. 

The visitors, a group of 73 plus a handful of other friends, gather weekly to consider the writing fears we all face. 

Us right now: 

Sorry not sorry for that. You can read Part One here. Over here, is part two with the rest of the questions you all gave me. Prepare yourselves for one too many Riley Poole gifs. 

But hey, they just fit so well.

> On the Subject of Blogging <

> What is one of the things you have learned from blogging?

Personally, I've learned the importance of balance. There's a way to pace things to do, the list, the whole shabang, that makes everything work smoother. I haven't mastered the balancing yet, but I'm getting better. And blogging requires a balance between commenting, writing, formatting and everything else involved.

Balance = imperative.

> Favorite part of the blogosphere?

The support. In the world wide web, I've found a dedicated group of likeminded writers. Here, in our blogosphere, we all support each other in our endeavors, we shoutout to each other, we reply to comments (in time, if you're like me *cough*), and we're sure to visit the new bloggers.

You all were so fast to say hi to me. Thank you again for a year of wonderful support and community and friendship. <3

> Are you proud of the nickname Snaps?

YES. I love the nickname Snaps. I think it's perfect and hilarious and also cool at the same time. XD Thanks for the nickname, peoples. 
    > Why do you blog now?

    If I'm to put it in the most simple terms, because I love it. I may not be ultra-consistent, and I may not sound like Gandalf 24/7 with remarks of wisdom, but at least I can offer a place to smile, both for myself and you people. 

    So thanks for sticking around. 

    > On the Subject of Marvel <

    > Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

    This guy:

    weheartit // <- Like I said, I get it from google, my friend

    > Loki strides into your house and offers to take you with him on a wildly interesting and highly dangerous secret mission that may or may not involve things blowing up and Avengers getting hurt. What do you do?

    This is reminiscent of my Thanos answer in Part One. *clears throat*

    First, let Loki know that while I may have killed my characters in a evil variety of ways, that does not translate into reality. Before Loki has a chance to mind-control me, I'd tell him that I would, however, write a fanfiction.

    The main character would be Loki. All about him. I'd write whatever he wanted me to write and keep it up for a while, keeping Loki amused with reading this Loki fanfic, until the Avengers would take Loki to Asgardian justice.

    But the real answer to that question is me realizing:


    > Who's your least favorite MCU character?

    Scarlet Witch. If you need to weave magic, couldn't you at least use knitting needles? 

    > On the Subject of Movies and Books <

    > What's your favorite book you read this year (2018)?

    I loved A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews. Awesome story. It's beautiful honestly, and August. <333 *gives cake to Beck* That one is tied with Fahrenheit 451, which I'm rereading right now. Amazing themes, amazing message, always inspires me to keep writing and keep reading, no matter the cost.

    > What book/movie scarred your younger self?

    There was a Star Trek: Next Generation episode (just the one) that terrified me. 

    Me, attempting to sleep:


    > If you could be in any book/movie, which would you choose?

    Revamped Star Trek Trilogy, because Star Fleet gets to do all the cool things. 'Cept I'd be sure not to wear a red shirt, so I ... you know ... wouldn't die like Riley said above. 
        > What is the most favorite book cover that you own?

        The Hobbit: 

        Photo Credit: Danielle Droubay (from my Bookstagram phase)

        > If you could marry any fictional character, who would it be?

        If you ask me, any fictional characters worth noting have some serious traumatic and sarcastic issues that need to be addressed. And no, I'm not going to list any examples because that can get awkward very quickly. 


        -Makes bread and survives sword wounds for a living 
        -Risks his existence for fool's gold 
        -Collects acorns and steals Arkenstones 
        -Is actually 100 years old and managed not to dissipate into ashes
        -"I don't feel so good"
        -Incessantly plays piano 
        -Is a pirate 

        (Honestly just chose some of the most well-known characters. But you see what I'm saying. Peeta, Sage, Bilbo, Captain America, You-Know-Who-if-You've-Seen-Infinity-War, Beck, Will Turner).

        > On the Subject of Me <

        > What would you tell your ten-year-old self if you could sit down with her for an hour?


        Where'd you put that stuffed animal because seven years later it still hasn't shown up.

        > Do your opinions of people tend to alter for better or worse as you get to know them better?

        Honestly, I think it depends on the person. First impressions is a part of it, but it takes time for me to get to know someone. Over time, and only time, will alter my opinion of someone. And sometimes it doesn't change.

        I'm a extrovert, though, if that says anything.

        > If you weren't a writer, what do you think your hobby/life goal would be instead?

        Maybe a digital artist, though I know nothing about how art translates into computers. Anyway, I like drawing, and I've always been fascinated by computer drawings. I'd love to learn how to do that someday, but for now I'll stick with paper. 

        > What's something you're too old for but you wish you could still get away with?

        Screeching like the world's gonna end.


        > On the Subject of Writing <

        > Favorite kind of character to write/read about?

        Likely the sarcastic kind. First of all, when writing them, the things they say surprises even me sometimes. Secondly, if done right, I find the sarcastic characters to be twice as moving as the others. 

        Also I like to laugh. 

        > Favorite Thing to Write About?

        I loveeee writing about conspiracy. Not theories; actual conspiracies against the throne, or people, or something important to the plot. Some pretty awesome conspiracies are at the heart of each of my novels (not that conspiracies are good or anything, I'm just sayin' they're awesome).

        > Why do you write?

        To glorify God. 

        A mission.

        And myself.

        All wrapped up in THIS post.

        > What is the craziest thing you've done for the sake of a story?

        I generally leave the crazier things up to my imagination. But the extent of my acting upon the craziness goes to pouring ketchup on my hands to see if it would look like I was injured or not.
          A writing experiment, I assure you.

          You guys: 


          > What got you interested in sci-fi?

          Dismantling cameras, joined with weekly visits to the mountains to stargaze and an idea that could only be accomplished through science fiction. Once I started writing Sector One, it was all science fiction from there. 

          > What is your favorite writing memory?

          When I finished my first book, A Throne of Truth. I wrote 6000 words in a day so I could finish it, and I was so proud of myself. I never thought I'd finish it, but it happened. That was a great day. I need cinnamon rolls now.

          > On the Subject of Ifs and Favorites and Miscellaneous <

          >What's the best thing about this year (2018)?

          Overall, 2018 was a very fast year. There's really no way to choose something. 

          >Hogwarts House?

          Wellll, I've never seen any Harry Potter related thing, but I took a quiz once b/c I was curious and it says I'm Gryffindor. Someone tell me what that means, and I will be eternally thankful.

          The extent of my knowledge as a Gryffindor:


          > Would you rather ice skate or roller skate?

          I'll run the risk of causing a civil war, but roller blading is more my thing. I've never ice skated before, but something tells me it involves getting cold, and I don't have a very good relationship with weather below 60 Fahrenheit. 

          > If you could have any breed of horse, what would it be and why?

          Clydesdale. Beautiful, powerful and elegant. Also, that hair. <333

          Pinterest ^^^^ Not actually a Clydesdale, but looks cool anyway ;)

          > If you could be an animal for a day, what would you pick?

          Tiger. Tigers are awesome, and I'm not going to spend any more time convincing you why. If you don't believe me, then I'll be over for a visit on the day I turn into a tiger.

          > Would you rather live in Antarctica for a year or the Sahara Desert for a year?

          You asked me if I wanted to be the Prince of Egypt, clinging onto a camel for dear life, or a frozen Cap'sicle for seventy plus years. 

          I can't stand the cold, but at least there's a chance of survival ...

          No. I can't. Your way might be more logical, Spock, but I'd rather die under the sun rather than the cold gray of winter.

          > Favorite Musical 

          If you have yet to see Mary Poppins Returns, then all I'll say is that you should probably go watch it and relive your childhood.

          > On the Subject of YOU MADE IT AGAIN <

          I congratulate you all. You made it through another plethora of questions (and on a Tuesday). Thank you everyone for your wonderful questions. I had so much fun finding gifs and answering all of them! Here's to another year of Snapper in 2019!!!

          Until the next post, my friends. (I'm postponing this one from Friday until Saturday, just so I can have a bit more room for school while I'm ramping back up.) Because 2019 back to school be like: I left my brain in 2018 thanks tho.

          Enjoy the rest of your week!