Monday, April 23, 2018

Writing Anniversary // Snippet Evolution + Marvel Gifs

Today is my writing anniversary.

To this day, my friends, I have been writing for four years. Four years ago, I started writing.
The whole world said:

It began with a school project. What was supposed to be historical fiction became a fantasy with dragons and rottweiler heroes.

Inspired, and running on the excitement of having killed my first dragon, I entered the summer library short story contest. Prompt, a story about a circus. That became "Carnival Calamity," the second completed story. 

It was all downhill from there. A fantasy known as the Heroes of Euhil emerged from my mind, a story about a sarcastic prince with fire power (sound familiar?) who is bent upon getting rid of those powers (perhaps something unique from the 12 year old's brain) and to stop with War of the Elves. (Yesss, evil elveses.) 

The evolution of my writing continued. I knew I would win that contest (didn't). I knew I would publish the Heroes of Euhil (didn't.) And I knew that I would finish that novel (didn't). 

Needless to say, I've come a long way. So why don't we run away as Danielle posts excerpts. Bring out the HAZMAT suits. This could get dangerous.


Disclaimer: the purpose is to laugh. 

How to Take Over the World (4 Years)

Meanwhile Fergus and Jacob were in interrogation …

“What were you doing at the imperial palace employees only halls?”

“Taking over the world.”

“Why were at the imperial palace in particular?”

“So we could take over the world.”

“When did you arrive at the imperial city?”

“At the time to take over the world.” At this rate Fergus and Jacob would never break but how long would it last? Fergus wondered what Normando and Francesco were doing and if they were all right. He could not take over the world by himself. He also wondered if Alexandra was safe. Ever since she arrived a year or two ago he had treated her like a daughter.

“Thank you for cooperating.” The Chinese police man said.

“Wait!” said Jacob who was the American and the smartest of the group. All of them were from a different country each. Fergus was a British man, Alexandra was Russian, Normando was a Spaniard, and the leader of the group, Francesco was Italian.

“Yes silly American boy what is it?” The police said

“If we only said one phrase then how did we cooperate?”

“You cooperated by telling me that you were taking over the world.”

Jacob did a face palm. “Don’t worry about it, Jacob all of our plans are in the island under the I in the Indian Ocean. The only thing they know are our intentions, assuming Francesco and Normando keep their mouths shut.” Fergus said. 

“Well if that was good cop, here comes bad cop.” Jacob said as a heavily armored and equipped and came in. 

“All right you tell me everything I want to know or die.” Bad cop said.


Oh goodness. I've come a long way. To be honest, it's rather encouraging to realize, that yeah, I have grown a bit.

But I think we need to move on.

The Arrow of Doom (4 Years)

What do you think of this info dump?

In medieval times, there were two kings. One king ruled over Latvia and the other over Lithuania, they were brothers. One day they were negotiating with each other over trade. Both sides accused the other for not trading by the laws of their fathers. 

The king who ruled Latvia, named Letholdus, shouted at his brother Lief, “Well, your country gave me only two horses for my best vineyard!” 

“Only because your country gave me one maple tree for my bacon!” Lief replied. 

“Speaking of bacon, the bacon we did trade was delicious,” Letholdus said, trying to lighten the mood. 

His younger brother was infuriated, “Exactly! You know what, I am through with this, and you should know what that means, war!” With that, he stomped out of the room. 

I have a little penchant for making war of the silliest things. Readers be like: y r u fighting? Writers be like: must need conflict. Characters be like: die!


The Heroes of Euhil (3 Years)

And now we move on the to the Fantasy that I worked on for about a year before deciding that I wasn't as into magic as I had thought. So I stopped writing the poor little thing when I was 60,000 words in. 

It follows Fernix, the prince with fire powers who started the war by accidentally swamping the king of the elves, Sherlass, with a fireball. Right then and there, the elves elected their new king and demanded that Fernix be handed over to them.

No? Okay. Then, war! 

“You seem awfully cheerful for someone chained to a wall.” Janson commented.

Neisan’s words popped into my head, “Well, someone once told me that I should stop focusing on the negative. I am going to try that out and see what happens.” 

“Then don’t try it on me, I don’t like to be used in any way.” Janson replied hotly. “Your parents are furious, particularly your father. I have never seen him this angry before.”

“Did it occur to you that you may be the one he’s mad at?” 

And did it occur to you, younger self, that you must not use on-the-nose terms?

Someday I might come back to this story, take the concept and run with it back to my sci-fi world. 

Because Fernix is such a fun little fellow.
I halted as I nearly ran into Clay. He had stopped short, and was staring at the middle of the cavern. Lit with a navy blue glow, we all gazed open mouthed at the blurred sight as well, for between us and the next tunnel out was dozens upon dozens of newborn Ayarrachnids, along with the biggest spider I’ve ever seen.
“Oh great, another one?” I groaned.
Blake elucidated the situation first, “An Ayarrachnid nest.” 

What does elucidated even mean? 
Now onward we go to a few quick excerpts from the Started-But-Never-Finished-Age. It was a dark age, where no novels were written. Only twenty documents of one page starters. 

I was bored, with no novel. Writer's block was everywhere. It took the form of a metal man, painted red and gold, with a really snarky attitude and ... and I survived.


Jack and the Baked Beanstalk (3 Years)

I bowed my head in embarrassment and stared at our dinner of barbecue sandwiches and baked beans. I could not stands beans in any way, plain, raw, et cetera. In disdain, I scrunched up my nose at the five beans on my plate. 

The sauce oozed off of them like radioactive waste, and the beans lay in it like bugs or clops of mud. Maybe worse, including the following: sedative pills, beads of mercury, clay, peas, pebbles, fish eyeball, poisonous mushroom with extra mold, dead bees, deadly seeds, Christmas lights, dog toenails, buttons, shells, nails, orc toes, guitar picks or deformed marbles. By now, anyone could have figured out my imagination was too good for my own good. 

That was interesting ... At this point, I had started and restarted planning for a good number of stories.

A Throne of Truth (2 Years)

Finally, I got the idea of A Throne of Truth, and began writing. It's not perfect, but not bad as 'elucidated' or 'bacon' either. Silly me.

I offered it to Nash. “Here, drink. You’ll need it.”

He took it and glanced warily into the bottle. “Trying to get rid of me already?”

 I was taken aback, “What? No!”

 "Then why are you going me water?” Nash crossed his arms expectantly.

“It’s water.” I said, though I had to catch the flying water bottle from the air as Nash threw it away from him. The water hitting my face was refreshing as it was cold.

“No. Thank. You.” He scowled, picking up a fireball and throwing back and forth between his hands as if it didn’t even hurt it. 

After I finished that novel, it was another scramble of six months to figure out what I was going to write. Another bunch of notebooks and documents were used up. Then came January of 2017, and I got the idea for Sector One.

Sector One (1 Year - Recent)

Sector One, my DLF, has become a sidekick in the writing world. As my current WIP, it's significantly better than the evil clowns I came up with back in '14. Not that I ever wrote about evil clowns.


Sector One follows Ike and Zelaya, both teens of varying background in the arrogant world of Tan Twor. As they go about their normal difficult lives, ear of a rebellion comes around. To join or to fight, is the main question. 

But what are they fighting for or against? 

By now, I'm working on the fourth draft of Sector One--just about the fastest editing job I've ever done.

“I’m fine.” 

“Sure you are,” Ike nodded, stuffing meat into his mouth. “What? Someone die?”

She stopped, resting the metallic chopsticks down on the table with a clank. Might as well be that way, if she was never going to see her parents again. Ever. 

“I just lost my opportunity to see my parents,” she sighed. 

Ike stopped, the food midway to his mouth. He asked, “You want to see your parents again?”

So that's that. Four years of writing morphed into something terrible to something much better. Which was your favorite excerpt? What exactly does elucidated mean? And now I need to go watch something Marvel. Catch ya'll next week!


Friday, April 13, 2018

No Post Today

Considering life the past week, school and other activities, a lack of sleep and time, I'm not going to force myself to write a quick post that would likely be replete with grammatical errors.

In the meantime, I will be be editing my book, writing the other one, attempting to defeat the April Beast of NaNo and taking Grammar tests.

Although I will say this much: there won't be a post next Friday either. Instead it will be on Monday, the 23rd, in which I have a special post planned for my 4th writing anniversary.


I shall see you then.