Friday, September 21, 2018

Slow Down

Hello friends!

There won't be any post today, seeing as I didn't have the time to make it. Life // Junior Year of school is priority right now, and while it's busy, I'm also finding it fun.

Hey, it's either find school fun or be miserable for the next six years. Then I'll have work. XD

But with that said, it does take up most of my time which means I simply don't have time to do a blog post every week. So I'll be slowing down my blog schedule to once every two weeks. They'll stay on Fridays, and be the same good stuff as usual.

I'm still on social media though, so you can find me over on those places. And I will still be over here, just a bit less.

Thanks for understanding, guys!

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Comp Title Challenge

Heyo friends! 

I'll resist making a comment on the fact it's Friday. Instead, I'll just say that tomorrow's Saturday, and I'll enjoy sleeping in while it lasts. Might take a second to breathe on this marathon called life, too. Who knows? 

So recently, I introduced ya'll to my WIP: Lucid, which I finally released from the chains of writer's block and everything is going swimmingly.


Destroyed MC's life.

Character death or two. 

Check, check, check. 

So, to give you all a quick intro to my other books and some ideas wandering in my brain, I figured I'd do this tag. Also because it's getting rather late and this seems like something fun to do. XD I may or may not have tagged some people at the bottom too. 

Shouldn't have said that tho. Half of you just scrolled down to the bottom to see if you were tagged. *squints* I'm on to you. 

Anyway, True @ A True Writer tagged me back in . . . *checks* Ah! Back in March. Lovely month March was. *distant whistling* Anyway, thanks True!!! Her novel ideas are awesomesauce, so go check them out if your noodles are little bland today. 

That was random, yes. Take some Parmesan cheese with you.

 A Throne of Truth ~ The False Prince meets Lord of the Rings meets The Youngest Templar

The elevator pitch: Two young princes, the firey Nashtali of Pyro and the renegade Armayas of Lithos, combine forces to end the war that will destroy the continent of Spondorium. 

For you Greek and Latin roots people, the names will appear evident. Point being: I was smart back then. 

I'd say the False Prince due to Nash's undying sarcasm and belligerence, and a villain in there might or might not take after Nielsen's Bevin Connor. IDK what it is about the accent with my villains, but it matters. The Lord of the Rings for evident reasons: fantasy, epic quest, did I mention rings? And The Youngest Templar (which is a Crusade-y, Robin Hood-y trilogy) because of the friendship and again, epic quest. 

Sector One: Insurrection ~ Divergent meets Star Wars meets Tron: Legacy

Quick confession: I've never read Divergent, but I've seen the movie so we'll say it count, m'kay? Good. Divergent is one of the dystopian novels of this decade, and my Sector One follows in the whole 'choosing of the students from one faction to the next.' Mine follow Sectors, but hey, you know what I mean. XD 

Star Wars a lot because of the characters, coming of age themes, evil government/emperor and "WELL DONE MY VERY YOUNG APPRENTICE."  

And Finally, Tron: Legacy because of the world and tech. Everything follows the black, white and the glowing neon lights theme. Which is super cool and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Also those bikes? Yep. I have something like that too. 

Sector One: the Dragon Mast ~ The Hunger Games meets Star Wars meets A Time to Die

In this one, my characters get stranded  . . .  elsewhere. Without lovely Tron technology and emperors. Instead, there's the danger of the hunt, like in Hunger Games, and the wilderness like in A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes.

I'd say the Emotional Levels in that are like A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews. I don't know what it is (I know exactly what it is) but that books kills me. It's my favorite book that I've written. <333333 

Also Star Wars for the space battles. *maniacal laugh*

Sector One: Foundations ~ Mockingjay meets The Shadow Throne meets Itselfff????

I don't know. It's barely like Mockingjay (Book 3 of the Hunger Games) -- only the pieces of Mockingjay representing the evil government and the sneaking through abandoned streets. There's a lot of that. 

Also Shadow Throne by Nielsen - King throne out of castle during war. Yeppp. 

Really, Foundations is only a lot like itself. It has a lot of work to be done on it, so I'm not quite sure where it falls right now. 

Lucid ~ Inception meets Prince Caspian

This is the book guys. I love that comp title. If you've never seen Inception, it's basically where a team of 'agents', we'll say, go into a person's mind through his dreams to convince him of an idea. It's really fascinating.

So yes, Inception for the dreams and the science that goes along with it. And Prince Caspian (the movie version) because of princes who run away. Because of the people left back at the castle. Because of the swords!!!

Yes, my science fiction has swords. Deal with it. 

Also, I think this book has turned into a trilogy, no thanks to the plot bunnies I got a few days ago. Thanks a lot homework.

So there you have it. My novels in a nutshell. This post is already long enough so I'm not going to talk about my plot bunnies, especially since they keep multiplying. 

Uh oh.

There are more.


I'm tagging: 

Nicole @ Wild Pennings

Honestly, I have no idea who has done this before and who hasn't. So if you've never been tagged and want to do it, you're tagged, because I love the Comp Title Challenge posts. WIPs are always a yes. Forget the rules.

Enjoy your weekend, friends, and I'll catch you next week!! 

Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to the photos given. All credit to the original owners and creators. Also, the story ideas are minnnnne.