Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer 2019 Overview // Senior Year Preview

School is back in session. And you know what that means. Each blogger is posting about their summers, their favorite pieces of sunshine, their slices of aesthetic, all the good goals they met or ignored. Take your pick. 

Why not go with the flow? After all, when you have nine days to finish three posts, you have to write something and fast. I'm sure that makes me a terrible blogger, giving you nothing during the first 20 days of the month and everything during the last ten. 

Eh. You're welcome.

This summer turned out to be a wild spaceship ride. (I'm saying that because roller-coaster is far overused and I have no intentions of becoming a cliche.) 

So here we go. A review of summer, a preview of my senior year. What could possibly go wrong?

> Summer 2019 Goals

This has been, without a doubt, the WORST summer for getting goals done. I'm not complaining. It was still one of the BEST summers I've ever had, which just goes to show that not all goals need to be done for you to have a good, happy life. 

Goal 1: "Finish Edits of Sector One: Book 2" 

Progress: approximately one hundred twenty million times 0%

I wanted to get moving on this thing, because many of my friends have been asking for the sequel of Sector One, and I'm not willing to let them read it until I at least pick up the writing equivalent of dishes in the sink, papers on the floor, or weeds in the garden. Granted, it's not going to be perfect when I hand it over to betas. That's what betas are for. 

But I need to take a week, read the thing and take out the things that'll take me five minutes to fix. 

Over the summer though, I brushed it aside. Because first off: 

To be honest, this is one of my longest books. 90k words is one terrifying moon that shoots lasers at the the planet Alderaan (or in this case, Alderdan planet). 

So, no, I did not get even close to touching this goal. Sadly, Ike and Zelaya are going to have to wait another few weeks before I can get them out of imminent danger.

Goal 2: Finish Magnolia Sun

In the wise words of Master Yoda: 

Always take Yoda's advice.

I chose to do not. Magnolia Sun remains unfinished. Camp NaNo did see that I got some of it down, but I still have at least 30k to go before it's finished. And I'm fine with that. 

Look at me go. The girl who wrote 3 novels last year is likely to only finish 1 this year. Because I'm Snapper, I do what I want. 

Overall, I probably wrote 15-20k over the summer. Hopefully, it'll be more during the school year, but you never know when life's gonna say hello. Very loudly. And abruptly.

You know how it is. 

Goal 3: Do something about Ethereal

Wow. I'm just ... Why didn't I look at my goals before writing this post? For goodness sake, I FORGOT all my goals, except maybe Magnolia Sun. 

I did absolutely NOTHING for Ethereal these past few months. So yeah, it's still there... alone... 

Can I just quote my own blog rn?

"I really don't like the fact that it's just sitting alone. I know I thought it was terrible, that I'd have to throw it out and start over. But the truth is, I've been reading over a few chapters and it's a bit ... beautiful?? In it's own, special, WIP way, I mean.

I don't know what happened, but it's poetic and emotional. 

I can't just leave it there like:"

Right. So apparently I CAN leave it there like Disgrace, Shame and Humiliation.

Poor thing. 

I'll do it eventually, I'm sure. 

(No I'm not actually sure. Lol, you believed me.)

Goal 4: Finish reading Lila Kim's book


OKAY, so now that we're past this part of the blog post, let's look at the fun things that happened during the Summer!! These are the reasons none of my goals got accomplished. 

> Vacation to A Secret Place that I can promise was beautiful. Fishing, ATVs, hiking, kayaking, Just yes. 

> Church youth group trip to Canada for missions training (at least, for whenever we do go on missions. :) That was an amazing trip, worth every dollar, worth every second, worth everything. 

> Work. I worked a significant amount of hours this summer. But yes, that does tend to take away time to edit novels and edit other novels and write novels... and stuff. XD

> Social Events: suffice it to say it's a very good thing I can drive myself places. :D

> Senior Year Preview

... Weird.

I could've sworn I was never going to make it through 12 grades of school. At least, that's what younger me would have said. Thanks to my mom, I am now a stronger person who can do anything and learn anything I set my mind to. 

Somehow, I've made it to the final year of high school, and I'm ready. Not ready for that inevitable disease called Senioritis, but if you ask me, bring it on. 

I have seven subjects this year, three of those are online: Intro to Python (computer science), Pre-calc, and AP English and Language. The others are physics, spanish 4, world literature and government. 

I think, to provide safety for myself and my novels, I'm going to try to take each goal by the month. For September, I'm going to hope to have made at least 5k progress to Magnolia Sun, though I'll let you know if that grows at the end of August. I really want to begin work on Sector One: Book 2 as well. 

I've also begun bullet journaling. 

I know officially nothing about it. So if you have any posts about the art of that, lemme know so I can steal your ideas. 

And with that, I'm off to work on one of those two goals. What are you doing for school this year? Or are you doing school this year?

Snapper out. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 2019 // Writing and Realizations

I don't have much time.

That's probably one of the most dramatic phrases you hear in movies, especially if someone's on their phone, hiding in a dark corner, with shadows drifting ever towards our hero. 

I'm not on my phone, but I have 15 minutes until I've got to go to work, so forgive me for one of the fastest posts ever. 

But hey, I found a cool picture for the graphic. 

I've mentioned it every post this month, but Camp NaNo happened and I .... had a partial victory. About halfway through the month, I realized that I wanted to finish Magnolia Sun by the beginning of school, August 21. I have approximately 30,000 words to get there and less than a month to do it. 

Can I do it?

Sure. I call it a lofty goal. If there's a lofty goal, then I'm bound to do it. 

Still, this clashes with my 2019 Edition of Snapper to go slowly with my writing this year. But with all these plot bunnies tripping me over my own ideas, it's difficult to get anything done slowly

I've got to go to this one!

No this idea!

No that one! 

I zig this way. I zag that way. And in the end, I'm a tangled, tired writer with nothing to show for it. 

My goal for Camp NaNo was 15 thousand words when I started. About halfway through the month, I decided to bump it up a bit to 20k. Until the past week, in which no words were slapped onto paper. 

So I won Camp NaNo... sort of. But it's my writing, so I'm not going to let you be the judge of that. XD

I also realized how many things I'd like to get done before my senior year of high school begins. I'm not overly concerned about this year. For the Junior year it was quite a bit of internally screaming, and externally screaming, about what I was about to walk into. 

But here I am, and better for it. 

Still, I have summer goals... somewhere in those notebooks, but I can't find them. So I established new ones, to attempt to at least notice them before school begins. Once again, the lofty goal returns, but I doubt I'll be able to make much headway with them, especially since I established these only three weeks before school begins.

Because I'm smart like that. (Actually, I'm just busy XD)

> Finish Magnolia Sun (It's going to take a bit more than 1k a day to get that done. :/)

> Finish Reading a friend's book (She says I'm almost done. SO I'M GOING TO FINISH!)

> Finish Reading El Ratoncito de la Moto (The Mouse and the Motorcycle in spanish)

Huh. Looking at them, I realize two are imperative. Finishing Magnolia Sun would be a miracle, actually, but a roller-coaster nonetheless. The second is something I want to do anyway. And the third is not optional. 

Here goes nothing. Do you all have any goals, sneaking dangerously close to your deadlines? 

Snapper out.