Saturday, January 13, 2018

Secondary Introduction: Liebster Award

It seems rather soon for me to do this tag, but here I am, Liebster Awarding. I was semi-tagged by Sarah @ The Sarcastic Elf. Her questions are... Well, you'll see them.

So here we are. The secondary introduction of D.G. Snapper. Want to know more about me? Read ahead, but beware of supermonkeys.

They happen to be in league with the Procrastination Dragon. (And they will steal your free time.)

The Rules:

Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
Give 11 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 blogs.
Notify those blogs of their nomination.
Give them 11 questions to answer.

The Award: 


The Questions:

Would you rather fall out of a tree or touch an electric fence? 

That's one way to start it off. But to be honest, I think I'd rather stay at home, stashed away as a roll of bubble wrap. 

If you could be an element (fire, water, air, earth) which would you choose? 

Well, Earth just so happens to have a lot of worms crawling in it, so I'll avoid that one. Water--people drink you. Air--you have to touch everything. But fire? Oh yeah, I'd be fire. 

Heroes or villains? 

Pizza. When given the choice between two things, just vote pizza.

What's the worst piece of advice someone's ever given you? 

Either no one's given me bad advice, or I can't remember because it was so bad. 

Chocolate or vanilla? 

It depends on the thing. If we're talking about yogurt, then I want vanilla. Ice cream is vanilla. Pancakes with vanilla. But when it comes to pieces of candy, it's got to be chocolate. 

Always chocolate. 

Would you rather step in horse manure, or have an old, chewed up wad of gum get stuck to your hand? 

I plead the fifth. 

Who are the three fictitious characters you wish the author would have burned at the stake? 

First, I want to throw out there that I'm not actually that cruel. I did not come up with these questions. But if I had to choose some...

Nah. I'm not that cruel. 

Who are the three fictitious characters you think deserved so much more than what the cruel author gave them? 

Jaron from the Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

The ending was a bit unsatisfactory. I think Jaron would've lived a happier life if she'd worked a bit more on the final chapter. He deserved more than just a few paragraph sum-up.

Henry from the Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane.

Henry's character arc was beautifully done. That is... if it led to something better! I won't give spoilers, but I was sad at the end. The book was so beautiful, and then SAD. Someone took my pizza and stuffed it in a sack. The pizza is gone. 

Go read it.

And finally, Pippin from the Lord of the Rings. I'm talking about the movie version.

Pippin was an amazing Hobbit.




But our dear Hobbit wasn't mentioned very much in the ending. In my opinion, Pippin should've been given a bigger ending scene. And bigger scenes in general. Should've replaced Frodo.

I suppose I'll have to settle with one-liners.


What is something that makes you laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME you see it?

Tenor GIF

Sword or bow?



Enough said.

What is the one word that describes your life?

"One does not simply describe a writer in one word."

But if I had to choose one: 

A dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables. 

The Facts: 

1. I write at a pace of 1000 words per half hour. 

2. I enjoy reading half as much as I should like, and I love writing more than half as much as I should read.

3. I made that confusing on purpose.

4. Italian food is my favorite. 

5. I'd rather write with people than write alone. 

6. I listen to more epicore music than any other music genre around. 

7. I'm running out of facts, and that's a fact.

8. I don't particularly like sandwiches.

9. I would rather look at a book design than read it, and I would rather make a book cover than a synopsis. 

10. I don't live in a hole in a ground, or in a wardrobe. 

11. And the final fact is that I don't like candy. 

There. I think that took longer to answer than the questions. 

The Tagging:

1. Jem Jones @ Jem Jones Writer

3. Savannah Grace @ Scattered Scribblings

4. Lisa @ Inkwell

5. Ivie @ Ivie Writes

6. Gray Marie @ Writing is Life

8. Priscilla Wiens @ Radically Surrendered

9. Julian @ Saver of Memories

10. Skye @ Ink Castles

11. Tracey Dyck @ Adventure Awaits

Bloggers, go forth and conquer. I know some of you were already nominated, but I can't remember where or when or by whom. I offer you these questions. 

1. If given the choice between playing a board game and a video game, which would you choose?

2. Does the idea of a coastal beach or a cabin in snowy Montana sound more appealing to you? 

3. Are cats constantly devising a way to eat you?

4. Writing or reading?

5. Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your villains, or be the villain of your hero?

6. What would you do if you woke up in your story world?

7. How many times have you looked at a book and put it back on the shelf?

8. Library or bookstore?

9. When given the choice between Batman and Spiderman, who would you choose to save your main character?

10. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

11. What name would you give your blog in an alternate universe?

So there you have it! The questions, the answers and everything in between. For those who are tagged, I can't wait to see your answers! For all the readers, I'll be back Wednesday. Enjoy pizza, cinnamon rolls and Pippin GIFs.



  1. Pipin replacing Frodo is a great idea! Let's make that a thing.

    Thanks for the tag! I'll have to put it in the books for February. Or maybe some random Monday.

    1. Oh I know. Pippin would've been way better.

      Thanks for commenting, Sarah! :D

  2. Pippin is amazing, and I can relate to him on a personal level. XD
    He does need to replace Frodo, I like Frodo, but Pippin is gold!

    Thanks for tagging me!!!

    -Gray Marie |

    1. Yes, Pippin is awesome! I managed to use 5 Pippin GIFs in one post too. :)

      Can't wait to see your answers!

  3. I LOVED this post, D.G.!! It was hilarious!!

    Italian food lovers unite!!


    1. I'm so glad you liked it, Catherine!

      Yes! Italian! *fist pump*

    2. Man, for a second there, I thought you said "Italian lovers unite!" Woah, was I confused :D :D


  4. *applauds* You totally deserve this award. *hands you trophy in shape of pizza* And you deserve a double award for answering the questions so entertainingly. *hands you award in shape of a cinnamon roll*

    I’ve actually never seen The Lord of the Rings...or Star Wars...please don’t stone me..

    1. Aw, thank Mariposa. I had fun doing it, and I also had fun eating the pizza and cinnamon roll trophies.

      Not to worry. I have a no-stoning-for-not-watching-LotR-or-StarWars-policy.

    2. Thank you, gracious chosen one. Your policy has saved my life; I am eternally grateful. ;)

  5. Oh, goodness. Your answers, tho. *dies laughing*

    And... your questions, tho. I've done one... well, version, I guess... of the Liebster Award, but I may have to do it so I can answer your fun questions! :D

    Lila - The Red-Hooded Writer

  6. Pippin! :D :D
    *goes to watch Lord of the Rings and see Pippin again*

    XD That was really funny, Snapper.

    Altho you said that for candy, you had to have chocolate. Always chocolate. And then that you don't like candy. Does this mean that you really are two different dragons, like Stan has been postulating?

    1. Chocolate doesn't count as candy. Candy is Jolly Ranchers and Lollipops. Chocolate is just awesome. ;)

  7. This entire thing is so amazing, I can't even pick my favorite part. You are a very obstinate dragon who doesn't answer questions properly. And it's great. XD The word that describes your life is truly inspiring.

    (And just so we're clear, cats are TOTALLY devising ways to eat us. It's a fact of life.)

    1. Pizza. It works every time when avoiding questions.

      (I agree to the fullest extent of agreement)

  8. HELLO HELLO. I am here!
    As a fellow pizza and Pippin lover, I very much appreciate this post. XD

    1. Heya Jane Maree! :D Thanks for following and commenting.

      Yaha! Go pizza and Pippin! XD

  9. Hello! Your blog is absolutely awesome!!

    Haha! Everytime I see Pippin gifs I like him more. :D But, my favorite character will always be Legolas, and I really appreciate the gif of him. ;)

    *high five* I don't like candy either!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, because now I have found you, and you are so amazingly funny! I love it! I am following your blog write (haha! I love doing that. [right]) away!

    1. Thanks! :D

      Yeah, Legolas is my second favorite. But Pippin, he's too funny for me not to like. XD

      Aw, thanks so much! I hope your enjoy future posts as much as these!

  10. Thanks for the tag - the questions look excellent. I loved your answers... "When given a choice, just choose pizza"? Pippin gifs? *claps*

    But... what are these things called 'supermonkeys'? I've never heard of them; have I been iN DANGER MY WHOLE LIFE?
    - Jem Jones

    1. XD Thanks!

      Supermonkeys. Yes. They are villainous. Head to the About Me page and you'll see one. I warn you there. :D


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