Thursday, October 17, 2019

Initial Panic // Final Preparations

Well, this is the last you'll see of me until NaNoWriMo.

I have two weeks, and too much to do still. I'm not here to give you a list of things to do, but as an overview, I will say that I haven't even finished characterizing yet. My plotting process is jumbled, if you saw my previous post on plotting....

But here's a bit of what's been going on in my head as I've been plotting, then we'll be back for the NaNoWriMo tag the first Friday of November... which is November 1.

Goodness, that's soon.

I never really considered doing NaNo until someone asked me to be friends with them through the site. I'm not really sure whether to blame bandwagon or some irrational decision making process in my brain:

Le Internet // Look at Newt  i.e. my friends trying to save me life. Isn't it funny? ;-;

Yeah. So now I'm stuck in this maze called Preptober, whose walls shifts while I'm inside it, who tries to eat me whole and make me die a slow and terrible death.

But I'm resilient!

I write smart things.

"For their part, the people on earth did feel remarkably left behind, but only because they felt left behind."  
> From a collection of ideas for the NaNo Novel.

Don't you just love writing? Nah, but even better than writing is reviewing the notes you've written while you're half-asleep in bed and your book is shouting at you.

I didn't think that October would end up looking like this, busy, with my plot still only half-structured, with me staring it in the face and thinking that maybe ... maybe this is a bad idea.

giphy // 
Because, Minho, that would've been smart and intelligent, which Thomas and I are not.

So, instead, I've been full-sending it with life and everything else. Two weeks later and I've got a half-formulated plot with a lot of plot holes, and I've nearly exhausted my supply of plot bunnies. (but I found one in the recesses of 2017 but I'm afraid it's more of a dust bunny than a plot bunny).

At this point, I hope I haven't come off as a depressed writer. I'm not. I'm just concerned for the level of excellence of this novel. But you know what. It's a NaNo novel, and it's going to be okay. 

All that remains is to finish carving out my villains and an extra cinnamon roll side character. Once that's done, I'll need to create a basic plot, as well as write the tag posts for the month of November (and those'll be epic, so don't miss out on those gifs ;).

And that's among all the life stuff. I'll barely make it out of Preptober alive. But I'm keeping my wits about me. 

And I'll survive. But barely.


To put NaNoWriMo in a nutshell:

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire."
> Gandalf

Have a good two weeks, my friends. To those doing NaNoWriMo, I salute you with the hunger games salute. To those of you watching, I throw popcorn at. To those of you supporting me, I give you all necessary credit.

Also note that Snapper has officially reached 80 followers. Thanks, every one of you!! <3

Snapper out.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Incentives, Inventives, and Eventives to Help You Win NaNoWriMo

I've never done NaNoWriMo before.

Of course, you might be thinking about how this probably makes me the worst possible authority on this topic out there. But I beg to differ.

You see, I've never done NaNo before, which means there is no garuantee that I'm going to win whatsoever. I know that the key to winning NaNo is to KEEP WRITING. Which means I have to come up with some incentives and inventives and events for myself to keep writing even though NaNo is going to try to murder me.


These are some things I've gathered together both to motivate myself and to prepare myself mentally for NaNoWriMo.

So why not share them with you?


> The Most Dangerous Writing App

Perhaps you've heard of it? I first heard about this from a few other bloggers around the blogosphere about a year or so ago. Simplistic yet oh so dangerous, this writing site forces you to keep writing for an allotted amount of time (you get to choose). If you stop typing for longer than five seconds. 




Yes, I did. That's because it deletes all of you. Anything you wrote in the past five, ten, fifteen all the way to 60 minutes will be lost to this good earth. There is no time to copy and paste. Trust me, I tried. And it was sad. 

This will really get you going, especially if you only have five minutes to write. If you keep writing quickly, that gives you 250 words. With it, I've written 1000 words in 25 minutes before. 

You can find your doom here.

> 4theWords

Any gamers out there? This is for you, then. I found this a few years ago when I was trying to find ways to write faster. This'll do it. 

This writing website is a video game for writers. You kill monsters and proceed through the game by writing. This too times you, but not as intensely as the Most Dangerous Writing App. 

I used this two years ago, and I quickly got to a point where I was writing 2000 words a day easy. 


HOWEVER. You should note that if you decide to get it and don't want to pay money, then start the free trial on November 1st NOT BEFORE! It only lasts 30 days, then you have to pay 4 a month to use it again. For NaNo, I'm willing to pay that, but if you're trying to hammer out the slack on the last few days, you don't want to be down this tool.

You can find it here.

> Writing sprints and wars

Word wars are fun because they get you battling against other writers. You can find these anywhere from Story Embers to NaNoWriMo forums to Google Chats with fellow writers. Back when Kingdom Pen was a thing, I would word war almost every single night, and as a competitive, chair-melting dragon, I gained most of my writing velocity through that. 


Writing sprints can be more personal and quiet, but you've got to give yourself incentive or a goal to reach or the internet is too close to reach for. If you don't have time to message people for wars and you're in between shifts or classes, just set a timer for five minutes and bang out those words until your keyboard is on fire.

Actually. Don't do that. You'll need that laptop for when you need to catch up on a couple thousand words.


> The 10k Rewards

Well, you've got to get yourself rewards. I mean, there's nothing quite like writing 50k in a month. But along the way, there needs to be landmarks. Once you reach these marks, 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, and 50k, set something aside to do that you absolutely love to do.

And don't even think about writing. You'll have earned this. I mean, conflict is not easy to write (yes it is but we'll ignore that) and you need a break from writer's guilt.


Watch a movie. Get a starbucks. Or just go stare at the ceiling.

> Weekly Rewards

If you don't want to do the 10k rewards, you can always opt for the weekly thing. Each week, you can set an amount of words you'd like to get done. If you do it, reward yourself! I'm planning on upping the ante each week.

Week 1: Starbucks latte.

Week 2: Honestly don't know what's better than latte.

no wait...


> The Victorious Reward

AND AT THE END OF THIS STINKIN THING I'm going to sleep in. And then I'm going to go out and do something I want to or eat something chocolatey, or just take a day to chill and reflect on the past month.

And get ready for Christmas.

But be sure to reward yourself. This is a huge thing, ya'll. And your writer brain needs some love.


> Book-Related Activity

I've never actually done something like this. You don't have to schedule. It can be a spontaneous adventure, or it can be a respectable shenanigan. Do something your character might do, or something that relates to your story. For me, that'd be going out and looking at the stars. For someone else, that might be jumping off an exploding building to escape villains.

Yeah. Or not:


Moving on then.

Disclaimer: Snapper does not endorse hardcore parkour.

> Write-ins // Meet-ups // Solo Sessions

And what's not better for writing encouragement than sitting across a fellow writer and banging out some words together. Especially when the other writer says she has more than you and you be like 

If you don't know of any writers around you to meet up with during NaNo, you can also just go somewhere, get out of the house, sit in the corner of the library, or at the high tables in Starbucks (if they have one) or maybe even the loudest place you know, and write. Change the atmosphere.

Perhaps it's evident, but I'm seriously craving starbucks. XD

> Share it!

And of course, why wouldn't you do a bit of flexing? Really, you're writing a novel. You're writing 50k in one month. So tell people on your blog, your instagram, or go climb a tree and shout it to the neighborhood. 

Because you're epic, and don't forget it. 

Well, that's it from me for today. This NaNo novel isn't going to plot itself, after all. Again, don't be afraid to friend me on NaNo. I can't promise to resist melting anyone's chairs, but I promise I compensate you with profuse amounts of gifs. 

And with that. 


Snapper out.